To Bretty

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Hi Bretty,

Sorry for disturbing you.

I am Longda from Alibaba. I am pmc member of Apache Storm and comitter of Apache RocketMQ. It's more than 2 years since we have met in the Apache Roadshow China in Beijing.

Firstly, thanks for the ASF, especially you, Bruce and Justin have helped us so much. There are 2 projects incubating in the ASF (Dubbo, Weex) and the Apache Rocketmq have become TLP. Right now, more and more Chinese companies involve in the open source field, especially cooperating with ASF.

Furthermore, Alibaba realize Open Source is an irreversible tendency, we have improved open source as our strategy, But right now, Alibaba hasn't enough global influence, our primary goal is to enhance the cooperation with ASF.

May I have two proposals. 1. If the ASF want to setup an agent in China, we can provide some help. Firstly, we can help to hold ApacheCon in China. Secondly, we can provide full-time employee to help setup Apache infrastructure such wiki, Jira, security and other system. 2. We want to hire some apache officer or members in US or China, although ASF is a non-profit organization, every participator normally has their full-time job. You have so many friends in the open source field. Could you please recommend Alibaba to your friend, if your friend is hunting a job?

At last, we are consider to be one of the ASF Golden Sponsors. Thanks again.

Regards Longda